Sep 10, 2018

CBD And My Night Terrors



I am a 25 year old lad that has suffered with night terrors since I can remember. Some extreme, some not so extreme. Regardless of how extreme they are they all have affected me in one way or another in regards to lack of sleep and being unable to sleep in places that are not my own bed. A friend of mine has been taking CBD to help with back pain and had mentioned to me that he had the best night’s sleep he ever had by using CBD, so it made sense for me to try this out. Maybe it would work or maybe it wouldn’t but I knew there would not be any psychoactive effects as I had done my research on CBD and its effect prior to purchasing. I ordered 1 bag of gummies as I felt that would taste the best and I hate taking tablets anyway. The first time I took the CBD gummies was around 7pm so not just before bed as I go to sleep around half 11, the taste was actually good, I would of preferred a Haribo style but oh well. I did not have any night terrors that night BUT that could of just been a good energy I was having that day that didn’t bring the terrors on. I still wasn’t convinced that CBD had stopped my terrors after one gummy bear so I continued the take them for a few days before bed. One week had passed and no night terrors at all. WOW I did have some belief that it was maybe working and relaxing me into a peaceful sleep, BUT again I thought maybe it was because my girlfriend stayed for the week and that might have been a comfort blanked. Another 2 weeks went passed and no night terrors or broken sleep at all, some of those nights I had slept out alone due to work. NOW i’m starting to think it is actually working, I did some more research and couldn’t really find anything about night terrors and CBD just a lot about how it helped people get to sleep easier if they were struggling that way but for me it was settled! CBD was helping me with my night terrors! Well I believe so anyway, it was helping me feel more comfortable and sleep better than I ever had before. I occasionally get up in the middle of the night to go toilet or if the dogs barking but I no longer feel someone is standing at the end of my bed watching me or something’s in my bed crawling through the sheets. I will continue to take CBD gummies for the rest of my life and may even try some more of the products. I am still not sure on some and what they claim to do BUT after my experience I would be willing to give any CBD product a go if I needed to. I hope this short story of mine can be shared and maybe someone reads it that has had the same experience as me or is going through what I went through for years and this can help. 

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CBD gummy taker.

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